Minecraft Legends: You build stuff by strumming your lute

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Minecraft Legends: You build stuff by strumming your lute

During Minecraft Live, Mojang shared additional details on their upcoming action strategy spin-off, Minecraft Legends, including a sneak peek at the game’s four-player cooperative mode. The presentation also revealed further information about the weaponry and allies players can utilize to fend off the piglin invasion. The trailer below offers an exciting glimpse of what to expect when Minecraft Legends launches in 2023.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend a briefing on Legends with Kevin Grace, the Narrative Design Director. To my surprise, Grace emphasized that the game is primarily centered around “making friends.” However, don’t be mistaken – combatting piglins is still a significant aspect of the game. Legends offers three tools to aid in befriending allies: the Flame of Creation, the Banner of Courage, and a magical lute. The Flame of Creation can summon friendly mobs, while the Banner of Courage gathers and commands these companions. Additionally, Grace highlighted the importance of music in Legends. Playing the correct tune on the lute can summon allies to help gather resources and construct structures.

At the start of Legends, the Overworld is under siege, and players will encounter a variety of piglins during battle, as revealed by Grace. Unlike the “ugly-cute” creatures found in vanilla Minecraft, these piglins are more “dangerous-cute” and hold no reservations when it comes to attacking your character. Each piglin type features unique personalities, combat techniques, and bases to conquer. In addition, Grace introduced us to the Hosts of the Overworld, known as Foresight, Action, and Knowledge, who serve as the voices of the game. These characters provide players with their tools and guide them throughout Legends.

For some reason, Legends reminds me of a 3D adaptation of Kingdom: New Lands. Perhaps it’s the player character mounted on a horse, the construction of towers in the wild, or the groups of endearingly menacing enemies that require your cobbled-together army of followers to take down. Whatever the reason may be, I’m fully invested in the game. It’s also reassuring to know that Blackbird Interactive, the developers of Homeworld 3, are collaborating with Mojang to infuse the game with additional strategic elements. According to Grace, Legends places a greater emphasis on story compared to other Minecraft games, which is another enticing aspect.

Information on Minecraft Legends has been scarce since Ed’s preview build at Gamescom in August, where he was impressed by its mix of strategy and building blocks. “Based on what I saw, your role in the game is less about being a commanding force that deals devastating blows, and more about providing support for your troops,” he explained. “They are the ones responsible for conquering fortresses, while you clear their path and ensure their effectiveness.” I suppose it’s true that you can rely on your friends to lend a hand.

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